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The Humble Sales Brochure

Nothing takes the place of a beautifully designed and printed brochure

At the heart of everything we new produce lays the humble sales brochure, I can recall the
near panic in the design industry in the early Noughties when the internet came over the horizon.
As a graphic designer we were lead to believe that the days of the brochure were numbered.

How wrong they were, I always found this hard to believe people would choose to view important information in only digital format. It is fair to say that the digital era has seen some amazing advances in interactive communications and possibilities it provides in the delivery of truly engaging content. But, there is always a BUT, nothing takes the place of a beautifully designed brochure that can be held and taken away by a prospective client to read through and digest at their leisure.

Personally, when visiting a company’s reception are or an exhibition, even a car showroom the absence of a physical brochure is a little disheartening. I feel as if they couldn't really be bothered to do that little bit extra to invest in a potential sale. This said, the companies that do go the extra mile and produce a tangible brochure that can be taken away, and more importantly kept are doing things right.

Gerard GreenanManaging Director - GGCL

Looking back I think those people who said the brochure was dead because of the emergence of the internet were only partially right. Again, and this only my opinion, the internet provides the perfect platform for people to request a brochure. Once companies use their websites to facilitate this introduction they have the unique opportunity to impress potential clients and open dialogue. What happens from there is down to the training and expertise of thier own sales team.

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