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A tangible presentation of your business

Using Brochures to sell yourself and your products

At Gerard Greenan we help companies throughout Essex, London and Cambridgeshire create innovative product or service brochures through engaging content ideas and flawless artwork ensuring the best possible printed product

It is always our aim to help our clients achieve maximum time in front of their target audience, as a result we are very proud of the proven effectiveness of our brochure design and print. Produced correctly brochures are a powerful marketing tool designed to deliver results. Your brochure may have been conceived to target an audience of hundreds, even thousands, in a busy exhibition hall where competition for attention is at its highest. Alternatively you may require a brochure to support your latest employee or apprentice engagement initiative. Whatever the requirement we take care of the entire process, from the initial concept stages, all the way through to the printing of the finished product.

During the design process of any brochure our team will consider colour, copy, typography, photography, image retouching, illustrations, infographics, ways to structure content – all of which are aimed to inform, inspire and capture imaginations to form your brochure into a robust and effective marketing tool that delivers your message.

Once the design of your new brochure is complete and approved for print we pay special attention to its print production. The quality and feel of the finished key when creating the client reaction that leads to action and response. Selecting the best paper stocks, texture and finishes allow us to create the perfect finished brochure.

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