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Providing a variety of online solutions

Helping businesses become more efficient

The introduction of Smart software to any company will ensure growth, efficiency and valuable insights into the day to date activity ensuring enhanced productivity and profitability. In this digital age, it is essential for businesses to adopt and utilise smart software solutions. By doing so it becomes possible to achieve true digital transformation.

Service as Software (SAS) products and platforms provide increased efficiency with automated processes – ultimately reducing the risk of human error. Companies have the ability to work smarter, not harder – resulting in increased business intelligence and data-driven decision-making. At Gerard Greenan Consulting we have developed a number of SAS products for clients which include The Project Portal aimed at project management within the UK Construction Industry and Brandocs, a brand compliant document creation platform.

Both the Project Portal and Brandocs provide their users with unlimited user access to company documents and systems through globally accessible cloud based technologies. All online solutions provided by GGCL are design and built from the ground up using award winning design and industry leading full stack developer up to ensure that the finished product is exactly what is required.

Many online solutions are built solely by developers and as a result their usability to the “ordinary” person can appear complicated and needlessly truncated. At GGCL we start with the User Interface and work backwards to ensure that the client is happy with the way in which the systems operates and presents itself.

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