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Complete Brand Solutions

Design that goes from the head to the heart and back again

Whether I am creating a new brand identity for a new start-up or rebranding an existing business the key fundamentals remain the same. In order to obtain the best possible results, the most important thing I need to do is Listen. Without understanding what the client is trying to achieve there is no possible way to get the branding to where it needs to be.

As companies grow and their product ranges improve, evolve and change there is often a need for the brand to evolve with them which is why I stay in constant contact with my clients. I am a firm believer that you can only provide clients with relevant feedback and suggested routes forward to improve their brand positioning when you truly understand their targets and goals can. You have to immerse yourself in their business…

As mentioned previously, I have had the pleasure of creating some memorable brands and I must make an admission that I feel immense pride when driving and seeing a vehicle heading the other way displaying a brand that I have created. Similarly, on shopping trips to major malls I always look out for the shops that I have branded.

Some of the brands I have created over the years include

A&D Period Renovation

Aggreg8 Solutions



Braintree Podiatry Clinic

Bishop Nick

Carraig Insurance


Coco Couture

Coco Lighting



Fallon Piling

Fairview New Homes

Frequent Consulting


J&R Construction Group

Joanne Claire

Kift Consulting


NHS – East of England

NHS – Mid Essex

Pequod Associates

Persimmon Homes



Soil & Seeds

Swift Brickwork Contractors Limited

Suffolk Plumbing & Heating

Taylor Milburn


Volga Dnepr

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