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Case Study

Poolman Leisure
Group Limited

Poolman Leisure Group Limited is a long-standing supplier of high-end domestic swimming pools, having been in operation for over 30 years.

We were approached by the Owner of Poolman Leisure Group Limited as a result of them meeting with another client and being impressed by their Marketing Collateral and Online presence. We were asked to help them develop a complete rebranding exercise to better position them within their saturated market sector, which included a new logo, colour palette, and corporate identity and a series of marketing/communications collateral.

Poolman Leisure group Limited Brand creation

Brand Creation

We worked with Poolman Leisure to create a modern and sophisticated brand identity that would reflect the company’s values and position them as a leading supplier of high-end domestic swimming pools. We also created a new colour palette that aligned with the brand's image and could be implemented across all corporate materials, including business cards, letterheads, and social media platforms. This helped Poolman Leisure Group establish a consistent visual identity, promoting brand recognition and loyalty among their customers.

Poolman Leisure group Limited Company brochure

Corporate Brochure

We designed and produced a commercial brochure for Poolman Leisure, featuring stunning photography of their range of pools. The brochure included detailed descriptions of each pool type with accompanying illustrations, information on installation, pool maintenance, and warranties, making it easier for potential customers to make informed decisions. The brochure was an effective tool for showcasing the brand's products and services, attracting new customers and enhancing the company's reputation.

Poolman Leisure group Limited Information Brochure

Information Brochure

We created an informative brochure entitled "The Pool Buyers Handbook" that outlined the benefits of purchasing a Poolman Leisure swimming pool. This brochure was designed to be used by Poolman Leisure's sales team to help them explain the Do's and Dont's of the Pool Buying Process, this provided them with an effective sales tool that highlighted the company's 30-year history and experience in the supply of domestic pools, along with the highest levels of customer service. This brochure was an excellent resource for the sales team, enabling them to make informed recommendations to potential customers.

Poolman Leisure group Limited Company stationery

Company Stationey

To maintain brand consistency, we designed a range of corporate stationery for Poolman Leisure, including letterheads, compliment slips, and business cards. Using the new logo and colour palette, we ensured that all of the company's corporate materials had a cohesive look and feel, establishing a professional image that was consistent across all channels.

Overall, our rebranding exercise helped Poolman Leisure Group Limited to establish a more sophisticated and modern brand identity, reflecting their values and positioning them as a leading supplier of high-end domestic swimming pools. The new brand identity and corporate materials helped the brand to attract new customers, strengthen their relationships with existing customers, and increase their visibility in the local area.

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